Friday, April 5, 2013

Zhenya's picture-perfect family

Not only is Zhenya the Greatest Rhythmic Gymnast of All Time, and a saint, but she also seems to have a perfect family!

First, there's Zhenya's mother, Svetlana Kanaeva, who used to be a rhythmic gymnast herself (and even received a Master of Sport title!)  Despite having two kids, she's still slim and trim and GORGEOUS!  And she seems like such a warm, lovely person!

Zhenya & her mom--they're both so gorgeous!

No wonder Zhenya's such a darling--her mom looks so sweet!
You can see where Zhenya got her smile from!!
See 3:25 here:

And then there is Zhenya's brother Egor, who's pretty hot himself...
(Actually, it's YEvgeniya and YEgor--their names match!)

In this video, you can see Zhenya's dad (Oleg Kanaev, a Greco-Roman wrestling coach) at 1:50, and her brother Egor at 2:13

(For a full translation of the video, please go here.)

Although Zhenya and Egor seem to have the same nose/mouth as their mom; I think Egor looks more like their mother, while Zhenya is clearly a mix of her mom and dad.

Egor, Mama Kanaeva, Zhenya; dunno who the others are
They look like such a happy family!

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