Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Unlike some of the other RG girls, who seem to have carefully calculated how best to present themselves--how to do their makeup, which side to show to the camera, and which expression to make--Zhenya has always seemed rather blase about her appearance.

Sure, for competitions, she is always impeccably made-up, but in her real life, she seems to prefer minimal makeup, and she never wears red lipstick.

For example, here's a photo from the competition in Krasnoyarsk over the past weekend which she, Uliana Donskova (2012 group Olympic champion) and Tatiana Gorbunova (2008 group Olympic champion).  Zhenya looks totally fine, but the slicked-back ponytail, the chic black suit and nude makeup are all kind of low-key elegant.
Uli, Zhenya, Tatiana
 So sometimes I forget that if Zhenya makes just a little bit of effort, she looks totally, friggin' fantastic.
We have a term for this--it's ZHENYALICIOUS

For example, here's Zhenya looking smokin' hot at her birthday party today:
Zhenya, Uli and Zhenya's fiance, Igor Musatov
Yana Kudryavtseva & Zhenya
All I can say is YOWZA!!

(Actually, I have quite a bit more to say about Zhenya's fiance, but that will have to wait for another post...Zhenya does look very happy, and mayyyybeeee he's not so bad after all...)

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