Friday, April 26, 2013

Puppy love!

Well, I posted about the girls and their kittens last week, so here are a bunch of photos of the girls with dogs...
Yana & Zhenya

Dasha D & Zhenya (getting interviewed at the Olympics)
Nastia B (with Katya Donich's dog)
Makar one-hand-lifting Katya Donich's poor dog and torturing Uli, plus Blizia
Fine, it's not a real dog, but Ksyu is too cute here!

...and pretending to be dogs (bad dogs)
Uli, Makar, and ??

1 comment:

  1. All I can see is various dogs begging for their lives and Makar sacrificing one to the great god Anubis while the rest assume ritual poodle positions. When the savvy locals tried to forestall their evil intentions with their sign, the "girls" revealed their true selves as you can see.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.