Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good luck at the World Championships!!

The girls are currently in Kiev competing at the World Championships!!  GOOD LUCK!!  UDACHI~!!
Top: Blizia, Nastia M, Nazar, Elena, Olga, Ksyu
Dmitri, Armina Zaripova, Rita & Yana K
It's really strange to see a world team without Zhenya, Dasha D or Dasha K though!
Before they left, Ul, Donechka, and Dasha Kukushkina went to Novogorsk to visit the group girls and wish them good luck.  How sweet!  (And of course they took some hilarious photos.)
Ksyu, Nastia M, Ul, Nazar, Blizia
Blizia, Nastia M, Ul
Ul, Blizia, Donechka
Blizia, Dasha Kukushkina, Ksyu


  1. I am slowly falling victim to Nazar's gypsy charms. Is it true that if you touch a gypsy tear you are lost forever? Okay, I take Matya then.
    Constance never was my middle name.

    1. Hah! Wellllll, as far as I can tell, both of them are single, so go for it, rhythmicof! :P

  2. the monkey is world champion....!!! LOL..
    the bengal tigress might be skinned .... hopefully not....

    1. Well, I wasn't expecting that! We shall see what happens now!!