Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seeing double: the RG twins

It might just be me, but I feel like there's an absurdly high number of twins involved in RG!!  Off the top of my head, I can name four sets.

1) Elena & Olga Romanchenko
I can't tell who is who here..can you??
Elena (I think) and Olga
I'm not sure what Olga is up to now, but Elena has been competing and training with the senior group recently.
Olga & Elena (I think?  This is hard!)
2) Anastasia & Anna Kadochnikova
Nastia & Anna
Nastia & Anna (I think)
I think these girls from Omsk (Zhenya and Ksyu's hometown!!) are super adorable.
Nastia & Anna
Nastia & Anna
I'm not sure about Anna, but Anastasia is being trained by Vera Efremovna! (She gets her ears pinched just like Zhenya!)
And they get to wear Zhenya's leos!
Anna wearing Zhenya 2012 Olympics ball leo on the left
3) Dina & Arina Averina
These young girls (born 1998) train at Novogorsk.
With Nazar (and Anna Trubnikova) in the back left
With Zhenya
4) Daria & Alexandra (Dasha & Sasha) Kukushkina
Yeah, I just can't tell them apart at all...
On their Instagram profiles, they say they are gymnasts, but I couldn't actually find proof of them training or competing in RG anywhere, except for this..
...but I'm guessing that is how they are such good friends with Donechka and the other RG girls.
They like to dress identically which makes it even more difficult to tell them apart.


  1. Hey, May I know what competition did Anna perform when she was using Zhenya's 2012 Olympic Leo? Would love to watch her perform with Zhenya's Leo. :)

    1. Hi Deekay! I wish I knew which competition too! I think it might have been a regional competition in Omsk though. She posted another photo of her wearing the leotard back in December..see here:

  2. olga R was in the tatarstan group formed one year ago just for the Kazan Universiade consisting of 6 gymnast from around russia. Together with Elena they trained in Kazan until April this year where Olga injured her leg.
    Then General? Viner decided that this team is a NO, so she deployed the national team with Elena as special extra. :D

    1. Thanks very much for the info, seichun! (And thanks for commenting, as always!)
      Hehehe, I always refer to Viner as the HBIC, and I plan to post about her at some point. :P