Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RG girls + kittens = too cute!

Well, I had plans to post other things, but once I saw this I couldn't resist!!

It's love!!

Gahh, I just don't know who is cuter in this photo, the kitty or Ksyu... ^_^;;

Here's the kitten with mommy...
Blizia with her kitten

Makar is also a lover of kittens...

And these photos of Dasha K with her kitten nearly killed me!


  1. The last kitten is saying "Am I the only one that can hold my Vodka in here?"

  2. The first kitten is saying "Are you sure that through the nose is the fastest way to inflate her? My little lungs are burning"

    1. I think it is saying "She's soo pwetty, can I stay here like this forever???"

      The third one looks terrified for his/her life--"I know you've been starved for your entire career, but please don't eat me!!"

  3. I thought the kitten with Bilizia in the second pic was saying: "The bendy people don't eat kittens, do they?"
    The next one with Makar says: "Watch out. They start with the head first"

    The second to last one with Dasha K is saying "What's with the lips? Do I look like a Tuba to you?"

    Little did the kitties know the team is aligned to the Dog-god Anubis.

    1. Hehehe! These photos are so cute; your comments are giving me an excuse to look at them over and over again. :)