Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blue eyes and oxygen masks

Several months back, the blue-eyed badass brat posted this cleverly-composed photo...
...and it looks like Tusya had the same idea recently...
Yay for color coordination!

Nazar's baby sister is sooo cute!!

So Nazar has a little sister, Taisiya (Thiais?), who was born last year on September 17--about a month after the Olympics!  She's sooo adorable!
And I'm guessing this photo is of her as well.  So cute!!!
(I see a Kazan Universiade pillow there in the background!)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Putin and the 2012 Olympic team

Here's a trip down memory lane!  I already posted about Putin meeting with the 2013 team after the Universiade this year, but here is the 2012 Olympic team meeting with Putin!
Ul, Putin, Ksyu
(I think it's hysterical how Ksyu just towers over Putin--she's such a giant!!)
Nazar, Putin, Blizia
Karolina & Putin
Putin & Makar
Putin & Blizia
If I were Alina Kabaeva, I might be a teensy bit jealous...Putin does look oh-so-pleased to be hanging out with the girls, doesn't he??
Putin & Dasha D
Especially with Zhenya (but who wouldn't be?!)!
Putin & Zhenya
Putin & Zhenya

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kick-ass caps!

Well, caps are so essential to an RG girl's wardrobe that I've devoted an entire label to them.  However, I thought it might be fun to pick out my favorite caps, especially after Blizia posted a pic of this awesome one!  (I want it!)
She and Nazar certainly have several kick-ass caps!
Blizia & Nazar
 Of course, the snarky brat has some fun caps (literally)...
Dasha Kukushkina & Makar
...and I am especially fond of this one, since it seems to perfectly evoke her smart-ass personality.
? (some girl in Elista) & Makar
I also think these GIRL/BOY caps are really fun...
 ...and here is one of my most favorite "captastic" pics.
Matya, Donechka, Makar, Blizia, Ksyu
And let's not forget our Team Russia pride!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Zhenya is GQ's woman of the year!

Congrats to Zhenya on winning!  She deserves it! 
And I have to say, she looks great!  I thought she might have really let herself go now that she's pregnant, but so far she seems to be in pretty good shape.  Her arms look like they are thin like they were when she was competing!

I don't really care for the cover shot, though..she looks a little washed out or something.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Everyone wants Ul's red cap!

Ul has this red cap that she likes to wear...

...and when the other group girls stay at her place, they seem to like to take photos of themselves wearing it!  Likey so:
(I think Ksyu might be wearing Ul's shirt too--haha!)

Crazy people have invaded Ul's apartment!!

Well, it seems like Ul is out of town working on "Dancing with the stars"--either that or she's been practically living at the dance studio because she doesn't seem to be home at all!  So Blizia and Ksyu have been crashing at her place, and they have gone positively wild!
Blizia in red, Ksyu in magenta

Makar was there was well a few days ago, but then she headed to St. Petersburg..?
 (I cannot tell who the legs on the couch/floor belong to...Ul?  Blizia? Hahahaha!)

More photos from Yulia & Egor's wedding!

As promised, here are some more pictures from Yulia & Egor's wedding!
Egor & Yulia (with Ksyu and Makar in the back at a table)
?, ?, Egor, Yulia, Ksyu, Makar
Congrats again to the newlyweds!  ^_^

I can see it now...Yulia has a baby next year just like Zhenya, and they both have little girls, who grow up to be RG girls, and of course they are super then they are rivals, but they are also cousins and best friends~!  :P

Monday, September 16, 2013

Makar got a tattoo too!

Well, last week I reported that Dasha D got a tattoo, and now it seems that Makar got one as well! 
I can't say I'm surprised, since Makar has been wanting one for awhile--heck, she and Dasha D might even have gone to the tattoo parlor together!!
As you can see, Makar picked a very clever design...
I guess this means she's not really going back to RG, because I can't imagine that Viner would allow her to compete with a tattoo on her shin!  ;_;  (Though she still seems to be injured--bursitis in her knee.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yulia G married Egor Kanaev (Zhenya's brother)!!

Looks like both of the Kanaev kids got married this year!!  In June, Zhenya married Igor Musatov, and yesterday, Yulia Golubenko married Zhenya's brother Egor!

I wrote about them being such a cute couple (and how awesome it must be to have Zhenya as a sister-in-law) earlier. 
Here are more photos from the wedding; I'll add more when I find them.

Dasha D, Makar, Ksyu and Yulia Sinitsina (who's coached by Yulia G) were definitely at the wedding...Unfortunately, Ul might have had to miss it since she's doing "Dancing with the stars" today!
Dasha D & Yulia
Dasha D, Yulia and ?
 A hearty congrats to Yulia and Egor!!! ^_^

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dasha D got a tattoo!!

You can see it on her shoulder in this photo...
Dasha D (with Yana Lukonina in the back)
...and here is a closeup of the text.
Unfortunately I have no idea what it says!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Son Yeon-Jae is more popular than Kim Yu-Na!!

Well, I stumbled across this article last week and couldn't help but share!  Although Son Yeon-Jae has never won an Olympic gold medal or even a World Championship medal, for that matter, she apparently is Korea's sweetheart--more so than the reigning Olympic champion in figure skating, Kim Yu-Na!  (It's because she's cuter!!)
Son is one of the most popular and visible athletes in South Korea, thanks to a series of appearances in television commercials. Last year, she was voted national athlete of the year in a survey, ahead of more accomplished athletes, such as such as Olympic swimming gold medalist Park Tae-hwan and reigning Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na.
For those who do not know, Son Yeon-Jae trains at Novogorsk just like Team Russia.
She takes selfies in her dorm room in Novogorsk, just like the other girls!
She even went with them to Croatia!
She is basically like an honorary member of the team (and is under the protection of Vinerstan)!
Dasha Kondakova, Dasha D, Zhenya, Yeon-Jae
Zhenya, Yeon-Jae, Dasha K, Dasha D
Nastia M, Blizia, Elena, Yeon-Jae, Ksyu, Nazar, Olga
Dasha K, ?, Dasha D, Yeon-Jae
Olga & Yeon-Jae
Zhenya, Yeon-Jae, Makar
In particular, she claims to have been quite close to Zhenya. They are both cuties, that's for sure!
OMG, so cute!!