Sunday, September 8, 2013

Son Yeon-Jae is more popular than Kim Yu-Na!!

Well, I stumbled across this article last week and couldn't help but share!  Although Son Yeon-Jae has never won an Olympic gold medal or even a World Championship medal, for that matter, she apparently is Korea's sweetheart--more so than the reigning Olympic champion in figure skating, Kim Yu-Na!  (It's because she's cuter!!)
Son is one of the most popular and visible athletes in South Korea, thanks to a series of appearances in television commercials. Last year, she was voted national athlete of the year in a survey, ahead of more accomplished athletes, such as such as Olympic swimming gold medalist Park Tae-hwan and reigning Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na.
For those who do not know, Son Yeon-Jae trains at Novogorsk just like Team Russia.
She takes selfies in her dorm room in Novogorsk, just like the other girls!
She even went with them to Croatia!
She is basically like an honorary member of the team (and is under the protection of Vinerstan)!
Dasha Kondakova, Dasha D, Zhenya, Yeon-Jae
Zhenya, Yeon-Jae, Dasha K, Dasha D
Nastia M, Blizia, Elena, Yeon-Jae, Ksyu, Nazar, Olga
Dasha K, ?, Dasha D, Yeon-Jae
Olga & Yeon-Jae
Zhenya, Yeon-Jae, Makar
In particular, she claims to have been quite close to Zhenya. They are both cuties, that's for sure!
OMG, so cute!!


  1. They are so cute !!

    Do you know if rooms are the same and if there is rules about it? Because the room seem so empty and not decorate .

    1. Hi! I'm no expert, but I think the rooms are made for 2-3 people (if you are the #1 girl, apparently you can have a room to yourself). I'm not sure if they are rules about decorating, but from what I've seen, most of the rooms that the RG girls are in look like that...
      You can see more photos of Novogorsk here:

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  4. " .. under the protection of Vinerstan... "
    LOL I like that!!

  5. to all the FANS of Son Yeon Jae...
    Yeon jae loves RG...
    i hope you all can take some time to learn about RG...
    don't just love Yeon jae becos she is kute and korean..
    she would like her fans to learn and support the sport..!

    1. Yeah!! Nice to hear from you seichun!! Long time no see! :)