Friday, April 12, 2013

A-yachting we will go~!

One of the perks of being on the Russian national team is getting to vacation on yachts (thanks to the head coach, Irina Viner, and her husband Alisher Usmanov)!

Here are some pics from the team trip to Croatia in 2012
Karolina, Nazar, Blizia, Makar, Uli, Zhenya, Ksyu, Sasha
Blizia, Uli, Zhenya, Nazar, Makar
Makar, Sasha, Blizia

And here are some photos of Usmanov's AMAZING yacht, which the girls got to ride after they did so well at the Olympics!!
Traveling in style!
Dasha D
It even has its own helipad!
Dasha D
This is what it looks like inside...
Dasha D and Zhenya's cabin

...and outside

Of course, there are multiple jacuzzis...
Dasha D
Dasha D again
 And plenty of spots for sunbathing!
Dasha D and Zhenya

Zhenya & Dasha D

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