Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Yulia G!

Another April birthday!  This time it's Yulia Golubenko!

Who's that, you ask?

Well, she used to compete as a rhythmic gymnast, several years back...
Yulia's in the top row, 2nd from the right. (On the far right is Vera Sessina, and Olga Kapranova to the left.) In the front row, on the left, it's Irina Tchachina and little Zhenya!!!  So cute!!

...but now she's coaching.
Yulia G & Yulia Sinitsina

She's besties with Dasha D...Or rather, she claims that Dasha D is her one and only BFF, while Dasha's got a handful of besties... :P

She's also really close to my beloved group girls.  In fact, Uli calls her "mama"!
Uli, Makar, Yulia G
Yulia G, Blizia, Uli, Ksyu, Katya D

And since Uli is Ksyu's "mama," Ksyu once called Yulia "Grandma!" but she was none too pleased with that!  So Ksyu calls her "Tigi" instead!
Yulia & Ksyu
And then there's Zhenya, potentially her future sister in law...? ^_^ (More on that in a future post!)
Yulia & Zhenya
I just found this photo today, and I nearly died of laughter! Awww, the way they were! PRICELESS!!!!!
Disciplining Dasha D and Zhenya?
To many more~!

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