Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What?! Phones are meant for talking??

Although the RG girls are always using their phones...
Olga, Anna Alyabayeva, Nazar, Ksyu, Karolina, Uli, Nastia B, Makar
Zhenya in the back; I can't tell who the others are

Nastia M, Makar, Nazar, Ksyu, Olga
...they almost never seem to be talking on them.  Unless of course, they are Zhenya.  She's like the only one I ever see using her phone like a phone.
In Kazan, November 2012
Clearly talking on the phone while eating is a theme...
Zhenya, Dasha D, Zeynab, Yulia
But this begs the question, who could she be talking to?

Maybe Ira?? :)
Irina Tchachina, 2004 Olympic silver medalist

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