Monday, April 8, 2013

Hand hearts and kisses from the group girls!

To be honest, I keep trying to write posts on the other girls, or at least Zhenya, because she is the Greatest Of All Time and 100% the reason why I got into RG, but it's very hard, because Zhenya's a private person and doesn't post pictures publicly, while the group girls are constantly documenting how awesome they are.

Likey so...the shout-out to Uli and Blizia are priceless! Yes, that's right...we know who the *true* group girls are--and they are the three girls there (Ksyu, Nazar & Makar) and Blizia & Uli.

Sorry Nastia M and Olga, but you're not quite part of the team yet!!  For one, you need to get some caps.
Observe the have-caps vs the have-nots..
Nastia M, Makar, Nazar, Ksyu, Olga
Clearly, like I said earlier, half of Ksyu/Makar/Nazar's suitcases are packed full of caps!!
(What's up with the piece of paper Makar's holding?? Looks like she got someone's number!! :P )

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