Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy birthday, Papa Frizi!

Well, on Monday (October 14), pro basketball player Vitaly Fridzon turned 28, and of course the girls were there to help him celebrate!  First and foremost were his "daughters," Makar and Ul!
Makar, Frizi, Ul
Frizi & Makar
Frizi & Ul
Makar, Frizi, Zhenya Telysheva, Ul, Ruben Begunts and ? in front
And Dasha D, her boyfriend Alexander Radulov, and Matya were there too.
Frizi & Dasha D
Top: Ul, Ruben, Alexander Radulov; Matya, Alexandar Gudumak; ?, Matya; Frizi, Radulov. Bottom: Frizi, Dasha D, Gudumak, Makar; Frizi & Matya; Frizi & Makar
Looks like it was a fun party!

(As Matya said, Frizi dancing with his youngest daughter.)

More photos of Zhenya at the GQ event

Looking back on some happier are more photos of Zhenya at the GQ woman of the year event.
And on Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium, you can read a translation of her interview.

Quiz: Whose eyes are these? **UPDATED

So, it seems like Tusya is totally copying some of Makar's old Instagram posts--not only did she post one of herself in an oxygen mask, but now she has also posted a closeup of her eye!  But then again, this is a common practice among the RG girls--especially the blue-eyed ones! See if you can guess who these four eyes belong to! 
I will post the answer in a few days...

Here are the answers, from top to bottom:
1) Daria Dmitrieva (wearing contact lenses!)
2) Natalia Bulycheva
3) Alina Makarenko
4) Natalia Pichuzhkina

Saturday, October 12, 2013

R.I.P. Oleg Kanaev!

More sad news!  I can't believe this!!  Zhenya and Egor's father, Oleg Kanaev, unexpectedly passed away on the 7th. 
You can read a translation of a news article on Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium.  Apparently he had a heart attack while flying back to Moscow from Turkey.  How tragic!
My deepest condolences to Zhenya and Egor and the rest of Zhenya's family.  In a way, it is lucky that he did get to see both of his children get married before he passed away...may he rest in peace!

Makar participated in the Olympic torch relay!

On Thursday, Makar participated in the torch relay for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!
About the experience, Makar wrote (via GoogleTranslate):
For my part in the Olympic torch relay, I have experienced a lot of positive emotions...I'm just happy that I could somehow merge into the history of the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Thank you all for a wonderful holiday! Residents of the town of Dmitrov were delighted and could plunge the eve of our common Olympic Games! For those who are worried as I ran, I inform: I did not stumble or fell, and the torch was not extinguished) All whole))))
With Mama Makar...
Now she's got Russian team wear for *two* Olympic games!
Makar was representing the Dmitrov region of Moscow, since she's one of the most successful members of the Dinamo Dmitrov sports club (along with Dasha Kondakova and Katya Malygina (Matya)).
Some officials, Makar, and another Dmitrov torch bearer
See Makar's pic on the hall of fame on the top right?  (Dasha Kondakova is on the top left, and Matya on the bottom left.)
This is all quite impressive, but a part of me is like, they let THIS BRAT represent Mother Russia???  LOL!
(I do really love those sneakers though!!  If you look carefully, she was wearing them under the Sochi gear!)

Even more photos from Yulia & Egor's wedding!

I think this is the final round-up of photos!  (The other sets of photos are here and here.)
Looks like Egor has some of his sister's split leap talents! ;)  Makar is so impressed!
Makar, ?, Blizia and Egor jumping
Speaking of Zhenya, here she is with the newlyweds (and her husband).
Igor (Zhenya's husband), Egor, Yulia, Zhenya
 And here are the group girls with the newlyweds...
Blizia, Yulia, Egor
Blizia, Yulia, Egor, Makar, Ksyu
Yulia, Egor, Blizia, Ksyu
Group photo!
Standing: Ksyu, ?, Egor.  Sitting: ?, Alexander Tikhonov, ?, Oleg Kanaev (maybe?), Igor, Zhenya, Makar
There was dancing...
Makar, ?, Blizia
...and a bouquet toss.
?, ?, Makar in the back, Dasha D, Anna Shumilova, Ksyu, Blizia
Makar and Blizia are just kind of standing there and watching, but Dasha and Anna and the girl on the left look like they really want to catch it, and Ksyu just looks like she's trying to spoil their chances. :P LOL!

And here are some photos of the girls at the wedding.
Laima Lipkina & Makar
Our cutie pie!
I guess there was a couch that they all took photos on...
Dasha D
Makar (see the tattoo on her leg!)
Makar & Ksyu

R.I.P. Olga Kazantseva

I haven't had a chance to update Vinerstan in awhile, and unfortunately I'm going to start with some very sad news.  Olga Kazantseva, a former gymnast who was coaching in Omsk, passed away suddenly on September 30, likely due to a heart valve failure.  She was only 24.
She was very close to Ksyu, who understandably was devastated by her death.
Ksyu & Olga

May she rest in peace...