Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to the high fashion model!

Yes, pretty much all the top girls end up doing some modeling at some point (and many of the retired gymnasts model professionally now), but there's only one girl who's competing right now that I think could truly make it internationally as a high fashion model.

And that is Natalia Bulycheva!  Happy Birthday Natusya!  :)
(Yes, there are quite a few Aries among the RG girls, aren't there!)

As you can see, she was totally adorable as a child.

Now she's training at Novogorsk and competing, but she's not quite in the upper echelon of the Russian RG team.

Her legs go on forever!!

But that's okay, because I think she can totally make it as a model! She's like 5'11" and has endless limbs and looks totally awesome in photoshoots!

And despite the fact that she has this awesome second career, she seems like a total sweetie pie!
She's clearly one of Zhenya's faves, which MUST mean that she's awesome.  I've never seen Zhenya be so smoochey with anyone else--not even her bestie (the other Natasha!)
Natusya & Zhenya at Zhenya's birthday party!
Although she's clearly close to Zhenya, Natusya identifies Dasha D as her "mother," while she herself claims to be Maria Titova's "mom"! :)

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