Friday, September 13, 2013

Yulia G married Egor Kanaev (Zhenya's brother)!!

Looks like both of the Kanaev kids got married this year!!  In June, Zhenya married Igor Musatov, and yesterday, Yulia Golubenko married Zhenya's brother Egor!

I wrote about them being such a cute couple (and how awesome it must be to have Zhenya as a sister-in-law) earlier. 
Here are more photos from the wedding; I'll add more when I find them.

Dasha D, Makar, Ksyu and Yulia Sinitsina (who's coached by Yulia G) were definitely at the wedding...Unfortunately, Ul might have had to miss it since she's doing "Dancing with the stars" today!
Dasha D & Yulia
Dasha D, Yulia and ?
 A hearty congrats to Yulia and Egor!!! ^_^


  1. the last pic..
    Busi, yusia, and Svetlana Putintseva, her registered name with FIG is POUTINTSEVA

    pretty face of vinerstan.. :)
    very promising junior but couldn't make it to the top ( cos madam always has so many gals to choose)
    got a gold in Team in Baku 2005 tho...

    1. Thanks seichun (as always!) for the info!!