Friday, April 12, 2013

In awe of Zhenya's six-pack

People, this is what it takes to be a two-time Olympic champion and undefeated World champion...


Yes, all the RG girls are slim and cut, but no one's quite got a six-pack like Zhenya!
Blizia, Zhenya, Makar, Nazar, Uli
You can't help but put your hand on them!

Zhenya, Uli, Nazar, Natasha


  1. well you won't be able to see her six pack now, i think her mom is slimmer than her...

  2. This is sad but true. Unfortunately I think Zhenya takes after her father in terms of her figure... :(
    But I do hope that she at least gets back into shape so that we could see her performing in galas--that would be nice!