Thursday, January 16, 2014

USGym resurfaces!!

Ul just posted this blast from the past--from 2011!  One of USGym's first videos, I guess!

I'm guessing that the girl in the pink shirt and black vest is Nazar, but I just can't tell for sure...

Some pics from Makar's birthday party!

I couldn't find more than these two, so I guess it wasn't a very big party!
I forgot to mention earlier--Blizia died her hair black!!! O_O
Blizia, Ksyu, Makar
Blizia, Makar
I'm pretty sure that Makar is wearing one of Ul's caps (again)!!!  And jeez, that brat is fond of her USA flag prints!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Looking ahead to the Sochi Olympics!

I apologize for my looooong absence, but I have to admit that since the 2012 Olympic girls got kicked off the group team (Nazar, Blizia, and Ksyu), I have lost some interest in RG... :(

...And with the Winter Olympics in Sochi coming up, I have been totally distracted by my first great sports love--figure skating!!

So, in honor of the upcoming games, here are pics of Ksyu, Dasha D, and Karolina doing the torch relay for the Olympics!  (I already posted pics of Makar participating in the relay.)  Unfortunately Zhenya couldn't run the relay in Omsk because of her pregnancy...
Ksyu during torch relay
Dasha D
Karolina with torch
Ksyu and her mom
Ksyu in Sochi gear
I think I like the 2012 Olympics gear better...what do you think?

Happy birthday to the blue-eyed brat!

Well, I have been busy and preoccupied and distracted, but I could not miss the blue-eyed badass brat's 19th birthday!

Happy birthday Makar!  Stay crazy and awesome!!