Monday, April 22, 2013

Please caption me!

My girls take all kind of freakin' weird photos, but these were some awesome photos that truly need some kind of explanation/ please feel free to offer your suggestions!

1)  Zhenya hiding from....??

2) I think Yana is trying to be funny, but Yulia G is clearly kind of disturbed...

3) Uli and Sasha Tikhonov (Olympic swimmer) at Larisa Ilchenko's wedding
Well, I could write a whole fanfic about this one!!  Here's how it would go:
Sasha: Uliana, I love you! Won't you marry me?
Uliana: [totally distracted and oblivious, thinks to herself] Where did Zhenya go?
Larisa [eying them suspiciously]: OMG!!! What does that Sasha think he's doing with my Uli??!!


  1. In the first one Zhenya is saying "When I said 'Do my hairband for me' I didn't mean around my wrists, stupid! I can still beat you in clubs like this anyway"

  2. In the second picture Yana is saying "It's all connected. Sometimes I pull my tongue out so far my leg pops up behind me like in ring pivot. Try it, you'll love it!"