Friday, April 5, 2013

Cutest couple ever!

As promised, here's the reason why Yulia G might end up as Zhenya's sis-in-law...
 ...Because she's dating Zhenya's brother Egor!!

And they are sooo cute!!

But...this has got to be at least a LITTLE weird, right?  I mean, zhenya and Yulia G practically grew up together...
OMG, little Zhenya was so cute!
  ...and Zhenya was roommates with Dasha D, who is Yulia G's bestie...
Yulia, Dasha, & Zhenya
Zhenya, Yulia, Dasha
I already posted this, but I can't resist posting it again!  Dasha, Yulia & Zhenya
Dasha, Zhenya, Yulia

Did any of them Yulia G would end up with Egor??  Probably not!

Oh well, Yulia G better thank her lucky stars!  If she and Egor get married, she'll absolutely have the best sister-in-law ever!!

....And then she and Egor would have a beautiful and adorable daughter who does RG...and she would be a "Kanaeva" just like her legendary aunt!!

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