Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Woohoo, a Zhenya sighting!

Thanks to the two Dasha K's (Kondakova and Kushnerova), there are photos of Zhenya at what I'm guessing is Yulia G's birthday party last week!
Pretty-eyed Zhenya, Daria Kushnerova, Kondak, Yulia G
Looks like an awesome party--so many cool people there!
From L-R: ??, Kondak, Uli's boyfriend, Uli, ??, Zhenya, Daria Kushnerova, Katya Donich, Yulia G

And it's so heartwarming to see that the Russian girls are so close to Kushnerova, who technically was one of their rivals from Ukraine!

See Zhenya and Daria being adorably crazy.

But jeez, my group girls missed out on a lot of birthday parties--hopefully they will get to join in on some belated celebrations when they finally go back to Moscow.

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