Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best press conference photos ever!

Well, as I wrote last week, Zhenya and Yana gave us the BEST PHOTOSHOOT EVER!

They also gave us some freakin' cute photos from this press conference (maybe the 2010 Worlds in Moscow..?).

First they were very bored...
...then Yana thought of something funny.  (Look at that side-eye expression!)
...and she showed Zhenya...
...and they both started laughing!
OMG, so cute!!
And then they got scolded by Vera Shtelbaums! :)
So then Yana sat and silently observed Zhenya, thinking "How are you so perfect??"

Sigh, so much adorableness! :)

Though if I'm going to be TOTALLY honest, my favorite press conference photo of all time is this one, where Viner is pointing at Dasha D, who's totally like, "Oh no, here it comes!" while Zhenya totally cracks up.
Irina Viner, Dasha D, Zhenya (and Melita Staniouta on the far right)

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