Monday, July 29, 2013

Kisse wrestles Ksyu to the ground...

...and other crazy things that happened in Croatia!
Looks like Nastia Kisse got a little too excited when she ran into our resident cutie-pie giantess!  And despite the fact that Ksyu is one of the tallest girls--if not the tallest girl--there now, she totally falls to the floor right away!  Don't count on Ksyu to defend you if you get mugged, that's for sure!  ;)  (That's Rita at the end with Ksyu, by the way.)
And here's a video from the cutie herself--Ksyu, Nazar, Masha, ? and Yana K sending their greetings!

And here some more random pics:
"Kisa & Tusya" (Nastia Kisse & Natasha Bulycheva)
Nazar & Ralina Rakipova
Rita, ?, Masha, Yana K, Yulia Bravikova
  Even Son Yeon-jae is there!


  1. kisse is one muchacha loca...:D
    almost broke her arm in orebic...

    1. Yes, I saw the pics that Ksyu posted of her arm in a sling! :\ I'm glad that she's much better now!