Saturday, March 30, 2013

Karolina wants a Porsche

True, Karolina isn't 18 yet, so technically she can't drive.  And yes, she already has an Audi...

...but that doesn't mean a girl can't dream!!

The key to this girl's heart is truly a a Porsche!!

Buy me some Burberry!

Burberry seems to be another favored RG girl brand.

They have scarves...

Uli & Nazar


Blizia & Uli

Uli's expression here as Makar tries to snatch away her cover-up is priceless!!

Dasha D & Ulyana Trofimova

...and other random accessories!!
Makar totally living like an oligarch's daughter...
Clearly the focus is on the adorable Uli and her teddy bear, but I spy a Burberry blanket in the back there!

Love my Louis Vuitton!

Every girl needs a Louis Vuitton scarf, doesn't she??

Dasha D
Dasha has a pink one too! (With Yulia)

Ksyu & Natasha

Uli & Ksyu

Zhenya and her elementary school teacher

Uli & Makar
Even the coaches have them!
Dasha D & Yulia Golubenko
Yulia Golubenko & Katya Donich

Natalia Bulycheva & her coach

I wish I were that flexible...

Here are some photos of the group girls training for the Thiais Grand Prix.

Nastia M

Nastia N & Ksenia--how cute! (And the back of Nastia M)

Olga, Makar, Ksyu

Ksyu concentrating so hard!

Name that pose

Hmm, I call it the "Oh crap! And now I'm exhausted" pose.



Zhenya front and center! **Updated**

I've noticed that for whatever reason, Zhenya appears to like to be crouching down in the center whenever they take a group photo.  I'm not complaining, just saying...I mean, since she's the Greatest Rhythmic Gymnast Of All Time, of course she should be front and center.

Dasha D, Anna Shumilova, Yana, Dasha K, Yulia Golubenko, and our beloved Zhenya

Too many people to name.  I'm just wondering why half of them are in their PJs and the other half are in proper training clothes!

Dasha K and Aliya Garayeva on the far right

Makar, Uli, Ksenia, ?, Nazar and ?
Nazar, Karolina, Vane Martinez, Dasha D, Uli, Nastia B, Ksenia and of course, Zhenya!
?, Anastasia Kisee & Silvia Miteva in back
Back L-R: Natasha, Ksyu, Uli, Makar, Nazar, Dasha D; Front L-R: Olga, Kondak, Zhenya
Olga, Nazar, Natasha, Makar, Uli, Ksyu and of course, Zhenya!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mother Theresa

Basically, Zhenya Kanaeva is flawless.  In addition to being the most-decorated rhythmic gymnast of ALL TIME and absolutely gorgeous, she is a wonderful person.  So much so, that they used to call her "Mother Theresa" when she was little because she always liked to help everyone else..

See Zhenya's coach, Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums, explain it at 39:03 in this video:

And here are some examples of Mother Theresa in action.
Zhenya fixing Dasha's hair

Zhenya fixing Dasha's hair. I love how Dasha is bawling in this photo--what a brat!

Doing someone's makeup

Makar and her suitcase

Some people have safety blankets or favorite teddy bears...and then there's Makar, who seems oddly attached to her suitcase...

The amazing thing is that it almost looks like she fits in it!

Makar making Nastia M join in her madness
I love how Uli goes about putting lotion on her face, totally oblivious to the snarky brat behind her!

Shopping carts are made for riding!

I wonder if these carts are from the same store and if the employees see them coming and are like, "Oh no, here are those crazy girls again!"


Nastia M and Makar (in the cart)


Damn Yankees!

The RG girls are extremely fond of their caps, and in particular, they seem to favor NY Yankees caps.


Makar, Ksyu, and Nazar

Ulyana & Dasha

Yulia Golubenko

Slava & Blizia
Karolina & Yana