Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Blizia!!!

Another Nastia celebrates her birthday today--Anastasia Bliznyuk, best known as Blizia!
Blizia turned 19 today (June 28)!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Blizia was born in Ukraine, but her family moved to Russia and now live in Penza.
She joined the senior group team in early 2012 (she was on the "B team" prior to that) and was part of the Olympic gold-winning team.
Blizia, Ul, Makar, Ksyu, Karolina, Nazar

What else can I tell you about Blizia?  Basically, the group girls are all crazy and "not normal" (as they like to say), but Blizia is definitely the wackiest of them all!!
Here is Ksyu, Nastia M, Nazar, Elena and then BLIZIA!
More wackiness: Blizia and Nastia M imitating Spiderman and Mary Jane (?) while Nazar tries to be invisible in the background.
And I'll have to write a full post about the awesomeness of USGym, but here is an example of the kind of craziness in which Blizia was clearly the leader.

(That's Ul, Makar and Nazar in the back, Blizia in the yellow, and then Ksyu walking in late.) 
A big shout-out to Blizia on her b-day!!


  1. LOL!
    nazar sittin back there covering her face was like.. so tired of these monkeys.... :D

  2. Hahaha! Usually she is part of the craziness, so I was kind of surprised she didn't want to participate! :) I was also amused that all three of the people in this clip are named Nastia!