Sunday, June 30, 2013

Those wannabe gangsta gurlz..

Some entertaining clips of our girls trying to/pretending to rap:
Yana & Karolina

Download video: MP4 format
Original link here.
Ul & Makar (poor Donechka is driving while these two goof off)

Dasha D & Makar at the beach

Not to be outdone by the girls in Croatia, Dasha D and Makar had their own fun in the sun in Italy!!
Dasha D
(I wonder if Makar is wearing Dasha's Gucci sneakers..??)
Dasha eating Makar's cap

Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Blizia!!!

Another Nastia celebrates her birthday today--Anastasia Bliznyuk, best known as Blizia!
Blizia turned 19 today (June 28)!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Blizia was born in Ukraine, but her family moved to Russia and now live in Penza.
She joined the senior group team in early 2012 (she was on the "B team" prior to that) and was part of the Olympic gold-winning team.
Blizia, Ul, Makar, Ksyu, Karolina, Nazar

What else can I tell you about Blizia?  Basically, the group girls are all crazy and "not normal" (as they like to say), but Blizia is definitely the wackiest of them all!!
Here is Ksyu, Nastia M, Nazar, Elena and then BLIZIA!
More wackiness: Blizia and Nastia M imitating Spiderman and Mary Jane (?) while Nazar tries to be invisible in the background.
And I'll have to write a full post about the awesomeness of USGym, but here is an example of the kind of craziness in which Blizia was clearly the leader.

(That's Ul, Makar and Nazar in the back, Blizia in the yellow, and then Ksyu walking in late.) 
A big shout-out to Blizia on her b-day!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Nastia Maximova!! *updated

Wow, this is another birthday-filled week!
Happy Birthday to Nastia Maximova, who turned 22 today (June 27)!

At the airport
Since she only (re)joined the group recently, and she's not on Instagram or Twitter (as far as I know), I don't know very much about her.

She was on the 2009 senior group team along with Ul and Natasha...
?, Natasha, Nastia M, ?, Ul, ?
 ...But then was out until the 2012-2013 season.
The new group at the 2013 Moscow GP: Olga, Nastia M, Nazar, Ksyu, Makar, Blizia
Of the group girls, she seems to be very close to Olga...
Nastia M & Olga

...but Makar seems to involve her in her madness...
 (I was looking for this pic and finally found it, so I'm adding it here!)
Makar fighting with Nastia M

Food fight!  Nastia's chocolate boat v.s. Makar's chocolate sofa!
...and she can be crazy along with the other group girls!
Left: Makar, top: Nastia M, Ksyu, Makar; bottom: Ksyu, choreographer, Makar, Nastia M
Nastia M & Ksyu
Nazar & Nastia M
 Hope she had a great day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Their training camp has a jet ski...

...what about yours?  Yeah, I didn't think so!!  Yay for training camp in Croatia!
Download video: MP4 format
Original link here.
Looks like the girls are having fun on the jet skis and out on Viner's (or her husband's) yacht!
Top L: Di, Rita, Nazar, Dasha Svatkovskaya; Top R: Nazar, Di, Dasha S, Ksyu; Bottom L: Di, Ksyu; Bottom R: Di
Dasha Svatkovskaya & Ksyu
Nastia M, Masha, Olga
Dasha S, Nazar

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A new Audi for Ul!

First a new hair color, now a new car!
She sold the Audi A8 she got from winning gold at the 2012 Olympics...
...and got an Audi Q3 (?) instead!
Surely she will be driving the other girls all around Moscow in her new car very soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ul dyed her hair again! O_O

Well, since Makar is off making mischief with Dasha D in Italy, and the rest of the group girls are in Croatia, and even Donechka seems to be out of town, Ul seems to be totally bored...

..So she dyed her hair again!! O_O

About a month ago, our beautiful Ul dyed her light brown hair blonde (and looked gorgeous)...but now she's done a total 180 and dyed her hair dark brown!  And again, she looks great!

Here you can see a video of Ul going crazy without her girls and showing off her newly-dyed hair!

Download video: MP4 format

Sun and fun in Croatia!

Well, most of the RG team (including the group girls) are now in Croatia for training and vacation!  Lucky girls!
Ralina Rakipova (orange), Diana Borisova, Dasha Svatkovskaya?
On the way there...
Elena Romanchenko, Olga, Nastia M

Dasha D and Makar blocking traffic...?

I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to lie on the ground in the middle of somewhat crowded area, but perhaps what is more amazing is that no one is paying attention to them. LOL!
Makar & Dasha D (pink)
Certainly Makar has done this before with Ksyu, but there didn't seem to be anyone else around then...