Sunday, August 18, 2013

Girls on a converyor belt

First the girls were riding in shopping they have moved on to riding luggage conveyor belts at the airport!
Ksyu, Blizia lying down
 But, hey, after a grueling competition, it's easier than walking, right??


  1. Awwww... its good to hear that the girls are having fun.

    But do take not that it is quite dangerous to climb, sit and lie down on a conveyor luggage bag even though it looks harmless.

    And I cringed looking at Blizia lying down on the conveyor. Her hair might get caught with the conveyor rolling belts. Luckily it didn't. :D

    Just a friendly advice.

    1. I agree. PEOPLE, do not try this at home!! :D

  2. first pic.
    ksu on phone...
    blizia on phone...
    at the end there.. mamun on phone...

    1. In the video, it's Blizia lying on the belt, and then Sasha Merkulova, but I can't figure out who the other two girls are...

  3. "No, I didn't pack them myself, officer. My suitcase is the one stuffed with the anonymous brown envelopes from Vinerliner flight 123"