Saturday, June 8, 2013

The guests at Zhenya's wedding

Well, one nice thing about Zhenya's wedding is that we get to see everyone else dressed up to!
And I find it FASCINATING to see who came to Zhenya's wedding, and who didn't!  It really shows who Zhenya is close to!

Unsurprisingly, the group girls are well as Donechka...
Makar, Blizia, Zhenya, Ul
Donechka, Ul, Nastia M, Blizia
Ul, Blizia, Ksyu, Makar, Nazar, Olya, Nastia M
Musatov, Zhenya, Ksyu
Musatov, Zhenya, Nazar
Blizia, Ul, Olya, Nastia M, Nazar, Ksyu, Donechka
Natasha Bulycheva was also there, since she posted the photo of Zhenya and Musatov smooching...but from Zhenya's birthday party it was clear that she and Zhenya are super close.

Dasha Kondakova and Anna Shumilova were definitely there...
?, Dasha K, Tatiana Gorbunova, Anna Shumilova
Anna Shumilova
Anna, Zhenya, Dasha K, ?
 ...and Irina Viner
Blizia, Viner, Ul
Now, for the notable absences!!
Dasha D, Zhenya's roommate for 3 years, was not there, or at least she didn't post any photos of herself there!  (Which might not mean anything, since Makar was there but she didn't bother to post any photos either.)  Karolina and Yana Lukonina weren't there either, but they are both abroad.  Sasha Merkulova was not there either--or at least she hasn't posted any photos.

Also, where is Natasha Pichuzhkina?!  I assume that she was there since she's Zhenya's bestie, but she's private on Instagram, so I haven't seen any photos...HMM..


  1. Pichuzhkina wont accept u in instagram??
    Merku can't be there cos she was competing @ barcelone 8th june.
    I don't think Zhenya still grudge at Dasha D, but it was D who posted the ring photo when they were on their way to monte carlo last year..

  2. I agree, I don't think Zhenya has a grudge against Dasha at all.