Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kisses from Kisse!

Well, this will have to serve as a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY post for Anastasia Kisse, who turned 18 on July 27!  (Oops!)
She's another cutie!
Happy belated birthday!
Technically she competes for Bulgaria, but she trains at Novogorsk, so she's an honorary member of Team Russia....
Tusya Bulycheva & Kisse sporting Team Russia jackets
...and gets to go on vacation (to Croatia) with them.
Ksyu & Kisse
Kisse is besties with Tusya (Natalia Bulycheva)!
The height difference is really cute..
Kisa & Tusya have matching tank-tops!
She's also very fond of Dasha D.
And true to her name, Kisse seems to be a serial smoocher, planting kisses on all the girls...
Kisse & Dasha D
Ksyu & Kisse
Kisse & Makar
Kisse & Makar
Anna Trubnikova & Kisse
Kisse & Yana Kudryavtseva
Zhenya & Kisse
Dasha K & Kisse
...and her pets!


  1. kisse's got those lazy half closed eyes, but there is one rare shot of her... with eyes wide open, very attractive... LOL....

  2. Err, does Kisse know that lesbians were their braces on their trousers more than their teeth? This was what the siamese cat was trying to tell her. (-Either that or he found where this morning's bacon went and is trying to get it back)