Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ul & Makar in St. Tropez

Jeez, I wish I could vacation like an RG girl!!  Back in May, Ul was relaxing in sunny Morocco.  Last month, Makar got to hang out at the beach in Italy.  This week, they're BOTH in lovely St. Tropez, hanging out with their pal Andrei Kirilenko and his family and a bunch of other pro basketball players!
Zhenya Telysheva, Vitaly Fridzon, Makar, Ul
Nikolay Padius, Zhenya Telysheva, Vitaly, ?, Andrei & Masha Kirilenko, Masha's assistant, Ul
Ul with the Kirilenko's daughter, and Makar in the back on the left
Nikolai, Vitaly, Ul, Andrei, Zhenya
 Before Makar arrived, they went to the beach.
Zhenya & Ul
Ul, Vitaly, Andrei, Zhenya
Today there was dancing...
Makar sitting and Ul

Download video: MP4 format
...and funny hats...
Ul, Masha Kirilenko, Zhenya, ?, Makar
?, Andrei, ?, Vitaly
?? and Ul
...and Makar suffered a grievous injury...ROFL!!

Download video: MP4 format
Trying for an Oscar, I see... :P

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