Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And now the girls go crazy!

The competition in Kazan is over, so now the girls got their phones back (finally!) and have been making up for lost time.  FUN!!  I totally love these photos with the cut-out backgrounds!!
Ksyu, Nazar, Nastia M being hilarious
Blizia, Rita, Ksyu

Of course, they made a beeline for McDonald's...
...and took photos with the other athletes...
Ksyu, Sasha, ?, Nazar, ?, Nastia M
..and created a spectacle in the dining hall!
Download video: MP4 format
Original link here.
And here are some photos from the competition. Big congrats to my girls!! MOLODYETS~!
Top: Elena, Nastia M, Blizia, Nazar, Ksyu, Olga; Front: ?, Tatyana Sergaeva, Irina Zenovka, Armina Zaripova
Elena, Olga, Nastia M, Nazar, Blizia, Ksyu
Sasha, Rita, Ganna Rizatdinova after all-around competition


  1. finally they get to eat all the junk food...
    there's a shot of elena romanC,eating ice cream.. she really slimmed down a lot for the group...

  2. O.naumov din share alot of photos this time around... sad... :(
    n he is playing with some photo effects n output it to kinda low quality jpeg.
    maybe kinda tired of ppl using his pics.... haha..

    kazan RG was interesting to watch cos merku n mamun like taking turns to be at the bottom at different apparatus.. and u can see ur HBIC facial expression when mamun's ball bounced off...

  3. Charming domestic scene in the first pic! Good to see these girls have found their vocation. Nazar and Nastia might want to cheer up a bit... the butcher and baker won't marry a sourpuss!

    1. Good point, rhythmicof! It doesn't surprise me that they aspire to be bakers, however...since they aren't allowed to eat bread when they're on their strict diets, they must crave it all the time. :)