Thursday, August 8, 2013

Those violent brats!!

Well, I guess I was mistaken when I said that Ksyu would be useless in a fight!  I totally forgot about this photo...
Ul, just one of the victims of Ksyu's aggressive side :)

...and here Ksyu clearly shows that she can be quite forceful when she's the one doing the attacking!  And laugh quite eeevilly afterwards!  I never expected THAT from our baby-faced angel!!! O_O

Yes, it's not all fun and games with the group girls...quite often, they attack each other...
Ksyu, Makar & Blizia attacking Ul
Ul headlocking Makar while Karolina is oblivious
Makar vs Maximova
Blizia terrorizing Makar while Olga smiles in the background

...and poor inanimate objects...


  1. im converting ksu laugh into ringtone! LOL
    borisova is pressing an imaginary keypad... ?
    her expression just b4 getting whacked is hilarious...LOL

    1. Ahahaha!! Nice ringtone!! That video is just absolutely priceless! :P

  2. tht is one of the funniest vid/laugh to me...

    but think of it... poor borisova might have trouble balancing since that SLAP.. n might cut short her career... :D

    ksu also called kudria monkey... LOL
    ( she does look like one if u look carefully ) LOL!!

    1. Monkey??! Awww, I think Yana K is pretty cute!

      If you look closely at the vid though, you'll see that Ksyu actually claps her hands together after she "slaps" Di to make the loud sound, so she probably didn't really hit her that hard...? Haha! Di's expressions were perfect though!