Sunday, August 4, 2013

Retired stars in China!

Last weekend several of the retired girls performed at a gala at the Zhongling RG club international tournament in Shenzhen, China.
Here are some photos of them training...
Olga Kapranova, Nastia Mishenina, Dasha D, Anna Gavrilenko
Dasha D

Olga, Ulyana Trofimova, Aliya Garaeva in back, Anna Gavrilenko
...from the show...
Dasha D, Olga, Laura Vernizzi

Dasha D
Anna G
Ulya T
...and hanging out...
Ulya T & Dasha D

...and a really, really lucky (and adorable) baby!
Aliya, Olga
Dasha D
Ulya T (Look, the baby already wants to post photos on Instagram, just like the grown-up RG girls!)


  1. busi getting heavy... lol...
    gavrilenko wearing tht white dress looks awful
    cos she's thin on top compared to busi...:P

    1. Hah, perhaps! But Dasha D still looks really good, in my opinion...unlike Zhenya. ;_;