Wednesday, August 7, 2013

USGym: why the group girls are the awesomest!!

Well, posting that music video with Dasha D in it reminded me of one of the main reasons why I absolutely adore the 2012 group girls--because they are crazy and totally not afraid to make fools of this!
Blizia, Nastia N, Makar, Ksyu, Ul
Now, it's true that a lot of the other girls do silly, crazy things--and film themselves doing these things--but very few of them do crazy in such a well-planned and well-executed way!
It seems the grueling training leading up to the Olympics (and perhaps the prohibition against bread and boys) drove our girls a little batty, and so they vented their craziness by making these hilarious spoof videos!  (Change the settings to watch in HD--it's worth it!)

What the heck are they doing, you ask? Well, apparently there's a Russian comedy group called USB (United Sexy Boyz), and our dear RG girls decided to make their own versions of the USB songs.
For example, here's the original..

..and here is the version by USGym (United Sexy Gymnastz!!)

Pretty brilliant! ROFL!!
Here's another favorite of mine...
..and a photo with the cast & crew
The camerawoman in back (?), Nastia N, Makar, Blizia, Ul, Ksyu in front
 PRICELESS!!  Well done girls!
(Note that Karolina wasn't in these videos--I'm not sure if that's because she wasn't around when they made them...but I'm also guessing they weren't exactly her cup of tea... :P )

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