Monday, August 5, 2013

Makar's crazy dyed hair!

Well, it seems that Ul and her bestie Makar are awfully fond of changing their hair color!
Earlier, I posted about Uli dying her hair blond, and then back it seems Makar couldn't decide on a single color, so she went with both!
And it does look pretty freakin' cool!  As befits our resident badass blue-eyed brat!
(And I think she looks much better stunning now that she fixed her eyebrows!)

In general,the snarky brat seems awfully fond of two-tone things, like these jackets...
At La PLAGE, as always
Yes, she is good at color coordination!
...but sadly, I think the new haircut means she won't be going back to the team anytime soon, unless she plans to re-dye her hair or chop it off...I can't see Madame V letting her compete like that!  O_O

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