Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy anniversary to me and RG!!

Today is August 11, 2013, which means it has been exactly one year since Evgenia Kanaeva made history by becoming the first two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, and made me totally obsessed with the Russian RG team!!
Zhenya & Dasha
To commemorate that momentous event, here are some of my favorite photos of Zhenya and Dasha from that fateful day!  Really, can you imagine a more pulchritudinous pair of gold & silver medalists??!
Zhenya congratulating Dasha--hahahaha!
Dasha giving Zhenya a huge hug while Dasha's coach Olga Buyanova & Zhenya coach Vera Shtelbaums (holding the water bottle) look on--SO CUTE!!!
Zhenya with a protective arm around Dasha, just like a big sis should be!
?, Zhenya, Dima, Dasha
 Getting interviewed for a radio show...
Dancing at the BOSCO club..
Dinara Gimatova, Zhenya, Dasha, ?
Dasha doing a crazy walkover/balance
 Awwwww, these photos are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Such memories!!!!   Just can't help but \(^o^)/

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