Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy anniversary to the 2012 group!!

Yesterday was for the individual RG girls, and today (August 12, 2013) is the anniversary of my beloved 2012 group girls taking gold!!
Blizia, Ul, Makar, Ksyu, Karolina, Nazar
Today they commemorated that event (well, all of them except Karolina) by visiting Madame Viner!!
Ksyu, Nazar, Blizia, Irina Viner, Ul, makar
Ksyu, Nazar, Ul, Blizia (I assume Makar was late AS USUAL)

I've already posted a bunch of photos from the competition here, so to celebrate, here are some of my favorite "off the carpet" moments!
Hanging with Dasha & Zhenya!
Ksyu, Karolina, Zhenya, Dasha D, Nazar (front), Alina, Ul, Blizia
Makar, Zhenya, Ul
Showing off their BOSCO wear!
Dasha, Karolina, Nazar, Ksyu
Dasha D, Ksyu, Karolina, Nazar, Makar
Taking in the London sights & people!
"How many RG girls does it take to dial a phone?" (Blizia, Makar, Ul)
Nazar (because a flag makes an excellent skirt!)
And my favorite photos of all--the girls at McDonald's!
Dasha & Ksyu are so hysterical here, and Makar is totally like, "is my eye makeup okay??"
Nazar wiping fry grease off her hands, looking both terribly sheepish and  very satisfied! (With Ksyu & Makar in back)


  1. +++ In the second photo the five upstanding girls have effected a citizen's arrest on an elderly flasher. The "Neasden Nudist" has been sought for years, a police spokesman said. The girls have modestly provided the old lady with clothes, which she accepted only reluctantly. The court awaits a psychiatric report. +++

    1. It is truly remarkable how much cleavage she can show through that official Bosco team jacket... O_o