Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ul's birthday bash!

All kinds of people came out to celebrate our darling Ul's birthday--as they should!
Dasha D, Ul, Matya
Tusya Bulycheva, Ul, Nastia Kisse
?, Evgeni Malkin, Ruben Begunts, Ul
Kisa, Tusya, Ul, Sasha Patskevitch & boyfriend
Sasha Patskevitch & Ul
Ul & Dasha D
?, Ul, Karolina, Egor
Ul opening her present from Dasha D & Sasha Radulov
Donechka, Ul
Ul, Sasha Radulov, Ruben, Dasha D, Yulia G, Egor
Front: Artem Lyalin, ?, Ul, Karolina, Egor; Back: Yulia G, Dasha D, Matya, Kisa, Tusya
Yulia G, Egor, Sasha Radulov, Vitaly Fridzon, Zhenya Telysheva, ?, Ruben, Ul, Maxim Goncharov
Here are some collages...
Sadly, the group girls couldn't make it out because they're stuck in training.  But the really shocking absence was that of Ul's partner-in-crime/Siamese twin/BFF--Makar!!  UNACCEPTABLE!!  (Well, okay, maayyybe she had a good excuse, but we'll get to that in the next post.)
And here are some photos of the people at the party other than with Ul:
Donechka & Matya
Matya & Dasha D
Everyone had to take a photo with Evgeni Malkin!
Tusya, Evgeni, Kisa
Evgeni & Dasha D


  1. What does Matya actually do, apart from raising my blood pressure? Is she available to hire for parties, or must I bring my butterfly net...

    1. Haha! Well, she seems to be Dasha D's bestie of the moment..(though Dasha D seems to go through besties like the other girls go through caps. :P ) And she seems to be a trainer or assistant at the Dinamo-Dmitrov club (where Anna Shumilova coaches). And she does a lot of dancing.

  2. matya luuuuvs hip-hop.... u gotta be a B-boy to impress her... LOL...

    1. Or a pro hockey player? She hangs out a lot with Roman Lyubimov, self-proclaimed #1 fan of the RG team and teammate of Dasha D's boyfriend Alexander Radulov. They could double date! Haha!