Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Please caption me 2!

These photos totally need captions (as these photos did earlier)...what do you all think??
Olga, Nazar, Nastia M, Lena, Ksyu, Nastia B
 Perhaps more importantly, why are they carrying vases?  Urns??
Viner [offscreen]: These are the ashes of the girls that failed to win the World Championships!!" 
Ksyu: What??!! Nooo!!!
Ul & Nastia B
I totally wonder what Blizia is saying...


  1. The voice from stage right says: "THESE ARE THE ASHES OF THE JUDGES' CONSCIENCES"
    The girls are saying "Consciences? Those things that make you poor and stuff?? Not even jetski holidays?" etc. ad nauseam

  2. "After the tournament in confession I was like, 'pull my finger, pull my finger!' but the priest wouldn't do it, he could smell I'd already farted"

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  4. these urns belongs to vinerstan! girls, we can't take them home... LOL....