Saturday, October 12, 2013

Makar participated in the Olympic torch relay!

On Thursday, Makar participated in the torch relay for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!
About the experience, Makar wrote (via GoogleTranslate):
For my part in the Olympic torch relay, I have experienced a lot of positive emotions...I'm just happy that I could somehow merge into the history of the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Thank you all for a wonderful holiday! Residents of the town of Dmitrov were delighted and could plunge the eve of our common Olympic Games! For those who are worried as I ran, I inform: I did not stumble or fell, and the torch was not extinguished) All whole))))
With Mama Makar...
Now she's got Russian team wear for *two* Olympic games!
Makar was representing the Dmitrov region of Moscow, since she's one of the most successful members of the Dinamo Dmitrov sports club (along with Dasha Kondakova and Katya Malygina (Matya)).
Some officials, Makar, and another Dmitrov torch bearer
See Makar's pic on the hall of fame on the top right?  (Dasha Kondakova is on the top left, and Matya on the bottom left.)
This is all quite impressive, but a part of me is like, they let THIS BRAT represent Mother Russia???  LOL!
(I do really love those sneakers though!!  If you look carefully, she was wearing them under the Sochi gear!)

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  1. heck... soldatova was there on the wall...
    she's still kinda small.. other girls younger than her already shot up.... :D