Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back in Croatia!!

Ul and Makar are vacationing St Tropez, and the other girls are back in Croatia for training and relaxation!  My, my, the RG girls are quite the globetrotters!
Nazar & Di
Blizia & Di
I really like this photo of Blizia! Look at those abs!! O_O
Unfortunately, she seems to have injured her knee again. ;_; Get well soon, Blizia!!
Blizia & Nastia M
And here is Ksyu torturing a kitty... :P

Download video: MP4 format


  1. fuh... love the physique of RG gals... lol..

  2. if u notice, blizia trains wearing sneakers... sore feet she has..
    wonder who will replace makar for the upcoming competition...
    their first choice from team b seems to be borisova...
    wonder y they dun have confidence in Olich ilina doing clubs, tho she has
    competed once(or more?) this year, forgot which competition.. nid to dig...

    1. Yeah, when they were at Thiais/Lisboa/Kalamata, it was just the 5 of them (Olga, Ksyu, Makar, Nazar & Maximova) so Olga did clubs too...I'm not sure why she won't be competing..
      I do hope Makar goes back soon! She seems to have been training at Dmitrov a bit before she went on vacation again, so I hope that means she's going back. But it must be awfully tempting to retire--then she can hang out with her Uliana (her bestie) and Donechka and the others all the time! We shall see what happens...

  3. from latest pics of oleg naumov in orebic, i can see lenylia romanchenko is there training with team A, so mebe she'll be part of the team for some time.. not just for kazan universiade...

    also there are 12 girls there, so team B is there too, i can see borisova, rakipova, lanshakova, tolkacheva, but can't identify zaharova and tatarchik(forgot name)...

    1. Yeah, Makar just dyed her hair so I'm guessing that she won't be coming back to the team for awhile...
      I'm not sure who all those girls are (in Team B)--I'll have to post photos and have you tell me who is who! :)