Sunday, July 21, 2013

Basta concert!!

So what did Ksyu and Blizia do when they got back to Moscow??  Hang out with the other RG girls, of course!!!  At a concert!
Matya (Katya Malygina), Donechka, Blizia, Ksyu
Makar & Ksyu standing
The blue-eyed trio (Matya, Donechka, Makar)
Dasha D, Matya, Makar, Ksyu
Dasha D & Matya
 Makar and Donechka fought and then made up..?
This is what it looked like from the stands...
...and this is what it sounded like (with Ul and Blizia)!

Download video: MP4 format
Original link here.


  1. if u look at the 2nd pic, lower left corner the guy beside matya looks like/is radulov, makes sense he's there with busi/dashaD.

  2. yea itis radul alright.. based on matya's photos....