Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ul channels her inner Marilyn Monroe...

...and other pics/vids from Ul and Makar's trip!
Here's Ul singing "Happy birthday Mr. President" to a lucky Andrei Kirilenko!

Earlier, she and Makar were doing what they do best--singing and scaring the other tourists.

Oh, and they also took some nice photos along the way...
Nice view!
Makar in Monte Carlo
With statues...
Makar by the Grimaldi statue
By the sea
Vitaly Fridzon, Andrei & Masha Kirilenko, ?, Makar, ?
And hanging out with friends
Unknown cutie pie, Ul, Kirilenko, Makar
Ul, Fridzon, Kirilenko, Makar
Fridzon & Ul, Kirilenko sitting
Ul & Kirilenko
Ul, Fridzon, Makar
Kirilenko, Fridzon, ?, ?, Masha Kirilenko, ?, Makar, Ul
Zhenya Telysheva, Kirilenko, Makar

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