Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Madame V's best (un)dressed photos *updated*

I've opened the Pandora's box, and now I can't go back!  So here she is, folks--Madame V in all her sartorial glory!
"I wore the see-through shirt just for you, Vova~!" (Blizia, Ul, Nazar, Putin, Viner, Makar, Zhenya)
*WARNING!!*  Some of these photos may cause viewers to lose their lunch!  View at your own risk!
Madame V has a tendency to let everything hang out, shall we say...?
How is that staying up, really??  (Yana L, Viner, Dasha D)
Blizia, Viner, Ul (at Zhenya's wedding)
Viner channeling her inner Cruella de Vil?  (with Dasha K & Dasha D)
Bursting at the seams?
Look how everyone's eyes are drawn to a train wreck...
Shake it baby, shake it!
 I think Dasha K's side-eye look says it all! 
Dasha K, Dasha D, Viner
 I have no words for this whatsoever.  O_O
Yeah!! Work it Mama V, get those phone numbers!!
?, Andrei Kirilenko & Viner
As per rhythmicof's request, Madame V sporting a Russian flag hat, in jaunty fashion. And a sailor suit.
"Just try color coordinating like this, b*tches!"


  1. There is a character called Dorien Green, an overheated jewess who wanders in and out of a certain situation comedy like it was a bad fashion catwalk for the climacterics.

    No pics of V in the flag hat?

    1. Truth be told, I kinda like the flag hat! (I might even want one...) And dear Madame V was actually dressed relatively conservatively, for once, so I wasn't sure it fit the theme! But I am happy to indulge you!

  2. Whenever I see Madame's rack I want to pop my waffle in there on number 1. Does she come with removable crumb tray?