Thursday, July 18, 2013

Goodbye Kazan; hello Moscow!

Here are the last round of pics from the Universiade in Kazan!
At the closing ceremony...
Ksyu & Rita looking like it's graduation
Nastia M, Elena, Olga
...and just hanging out
Olga, Ksyu, Blizia, Elena, Nazar, Rita, Sasha
(Once again, I think it's hilarious that the group girls are always matchy-matchy, while the individual girls wear whatever they want!)
From top to bottom: Olga, Elena, Nastia M; Sasha, Nazar, Rita, Blizia; ?, Ksyu
Official mascot (snow leopard) & Nazar
Sasha, Nazar, Rita
Now the girls are back in Moscow!!  YAY!
Sasha, Rita
Ksyu, Blizia; Nastia M, Olga, Nazar
And, as usual, the group girls are up to their crazy antics... :)
Nastia M, Blizia, Nazar, Ksyu
Blizia, Nastia M, Nazar, Ksyu

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