Monday, July 22, 2013

The girls met with Putin!

I guess he made a speech to all the participants in the 2013 Universiade...?
Nastia M, Olga, Nazar, Putin, Rita, Blizia, Ksyu, Elena (where did Sasha go??)
(The height difference between Ksyu and Elena is so striking--HAHA!)
I love how the girls are sitting in the front row.  OF COURSE THEY ARE!
Nastia M and Ksyu on far right
Nastia M, Ksyu, Nazar on left; Blizia in the middle; Sasha, Rita, Olga near the far end
Nastia M, Ksyu, Nazar on the left; Blizia on the right.
(The guy on the aisle in the second row totally does NOT approve of all this photo-taking!)
Elena, Sasha, Rita, Olga
And of course, Madame Viner had to saw a few words...


  1. In the first, Uncle Putin is saying "I'll take six. Do I need to unwrap them?"

    In the last one Auntie V. is doing her party piece again. Just you try stopping her. She only needs a whiff of the champagne and it all comes out: "NON... JE NE REGRETTE RIEN..."

  2. Yes, Kabaeva made sure she was there at the Universiade to prevent her beloved from "sampling the goods," but I don't think she was at that reception!!

    At least Madame V is not wearing a see-through blouse like she did the last time!! ;) (Yes, that WILL be posted at some point!)

  3. Ksu is taller now than before, her listed height is 177cm now
    mebe goin to add more... might match bulychova or equal now...

    1. Yes! I keep hoping to see photos of them together so I can figure out who is taller, but so far, no luck! :)