Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zhenya married Igor Musatov!!!

Well, I've been spending several months somewhat dreading this day, but it's finally happened!  Zhenya and Igor Musatov got married!!

All I want is for Zhenya to be happy!  And if Musatov makes her happy, then so be it....
But if things don't work out, I sincerely hope that she doesn't go on suffering and gets out of it.  Irina Viner got divorced from her first husband, and now Putin's getting divorced, so there's no shame in it!!

It's hard to imagine a more perfect person than Zhenya, so I think she deserves someone really wonderful!  Musatov better understand that he's the luckiest guy in the whole world, and he better treat Zhenya that way!!!

Anyway, here are some more photos from the wedding.
With Musatov's family & friends

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