Saturday, October 12, 2013

Even more photos from Yulia & Egor's wedding!

I think this is the final round-up of photos!  (The other sets of photos are here and here.)
Looks like Egor has some of his sister's split leap talents! ;)  Makar is so impressed!
Makar, ?, Blizia and Egor jumping
Speaking of Zhenya, here she is with the newlyweds (and her husband).
Igor (Zhenya's husband), Egor, Yulia, Zhenya
 And here are the group girls with the newlyweds...
Blizia, Yulia, Egor
Blizia, Yulia, Egor, Makar, Ksyu
Yulia, Egor, Blizia, Ksyu
Group photo!
Standing: Ksyu, ?, Egor.  Sitting: ?, Alexander Tikhonov, ?, Oleg Kanaev (maybe?), Igor, Zhenya, Makar
There was dancing...
Makar, ?, Blizia
...and a bouquet toss.
?, ?, Makar in the back, Dasha D, Anna Shumilova, Ksyu, Blizia
Makar and Blizia are just kind of standing there and watching, but Dasha and Anna and the girl on the left look like they really want to catch it, and Ksyu just looks like she's trying to spoil their chances. :P LOL!

And here are some photos of the girls at the wedding.
Laima Lipkina & Makar
Our cutie pie!
I guess there was a couch that they all took photos on...
Dasha D
Makar (see the tattoo on her leg!)
Makar & Ksyu

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